Who am I meeting?

I’m interviewing for a new role at my company. It has been a long time since I interviewed for anything. I started freelance writing with Catena Media in 2017, with the dream of being free from the corporate world while Way and I embarked on living life on the road. 

Well, come to find out that ambitious nature of mine had other plans. I have moved up the ranks at the company over the years and all of my promotions were offered to me. But now, there is a role I want and I have to work for it.

I don’t mind it. I stand by my resume and work experience. But as I sit here and prepare for the interview, I am reminded how much has changed in just a short period of time.

For instance, I polished up my resume and wrote a cover letter – with the help of AI. There I said it. Yes, I used AI.

I say “help” because I wrote both and then asked Claude to suggest improvements based on the job description and I went in and added in some suggestions and ignored others.

I then asked Claude for interview questions and the answers. I spent time going through and transitioning those answers to my voice and adding my experiences to the equation, because as much as I love Claude, Claude lies.

I can’t help but wonder if this helpful or hurtful to the process. As a hiring manager, I will always wonder if I’m seeing an AI version of a person. Note to self: Ask random, un-related questions in future interviews.

One thing I know for sure is Claude is better prepared for this interview than I am and has no problem exaggerating his experience for the benefit of landing a job. And that makes me wonder what I am up against. Wish me luck.