The power of agreement

Not long ago, I was part of a project team that was struggling to get on the same page. The team had different ideas about the best way to achieve our objectives, and our meetings often felt more like debates than collaborations. As team leader, I knew I needed to take control of the situation. And I started by getting everyone to agree on the goals.

That was easy. Agreeing on the goals was the first time in days the team agreed on anything.

Next, I shared the data. There it was, in black and white. The team had no choice but to agree that what we were doing wasn’t working.

Then I turned our attention to how we would measure success – small and achievable successes designed to see tangible improvements in a short period of time.

Getting to how we would measure success took some time, but the discussion was healthy and it felt more collaborative than our earlier meetings.

Agreeing on the goals, the reality, and the success of the project transformed our approach towards achieving a common goal. More importantly, it transformed the questions we were asking of each other which created healthy debate, creative collaboration, and a shared feeling of accomplishment.

If you are struggling to get your ideas seen and heard, try finding an agreement on goals, the reality and the success before diving into your idea. It might just change everything.