The art of the introduction

When did we lose the art of introducing ourselves to each other? Especially, in a business environment.

I remember spending time on my 30-second pitch. A lot of time. I remember being told it was important because you never knew where a random encounter might lead.

I had an interaction today with someone new. They reached out to me via email and began with who suggested they reach out. Good start. But then they went straight into a litany of ideas.

It ended with me asking  myself, “Who is this and why do I care?”

Of course, a 30-second pitch would have solved that and saved me time tracking down the person who recommended they reach out for some context.

This person who doesn’t know how to introduce himself now has an uphill battle to climb. Instead of focusing on their ideas, I will remember the inconvenience of having to create an introduction for them. All I can say is those ideas better be good.